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Is share it available for PC?
SHAREit is now downloaded and installed on your PC. If you want to send a file from your phone to your PC you would first have to open up the application on your PC and simultaneously open SHAREit on your mobile phone. Similarly, you can send files from your PC to your mobile phone when both the devices are connected.
How do I download share it for Windows 7?
How to Download SHAREit for PC
1. Download EXE file.
EXE file will be run in all type of Windows.
3. Install the app.
Create an account.
Start transferring of files.
Is share it available in Microsoft store?
This application can be downloaded on windows version above 8.0 from Microsoft store by simply clicking on getting this app. This app is available there out of free. A version of the SHAREit application for PC and phone is very different. You can't install a PC version of SHAREit on your mobile.
Is SHAREit safe PC?
SHAREit is an absolutely safe to use file sharing app. It is hassle-free to use and users can share any type of file with it. It even comes with a video player that can stream online videos for free. With the Wi-Fi Direct file sharing, you can share files with speeds 200 times more than that on traditional wireless.
Can SHAREit transfer files from PC to PC?
Shareit,By using it users can transfer files from pc to pc, pc to mobile firstly. ... It transfers contacts, videos, music, photos, apps, and any other files. this application supports platform like Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices to transfer files directly.
How do I download share it on my computer?
SHAREit is the fastest cross-platform app for Android, iOS, PC & Mac. SHAREit allows you to transfer video, music, files and apps from one device to another.
Why SHAREit is not safe?
SHAREit is a mobile app that allows for file sharing between friends or personal devices. According to a Trend Micro report, the vulnerabilities in the application can be abused to leak a user's sensitive data and execute arbitrary code with SHAREit permissions by using a malicious code or app.
Is SHAREit a malware?
Trend Micro researchers have identified a bug in the Android file sharing app SHAREit. According to researchers, the app contains multiple unpatched vulnerabilities that hackers could abuse to run malicious code on devices where the app is installed and expose sensitive user data. for Windows Screenshots for Windows Intro Video

SHAREit, An awesome application that can finish moving documents between gadgets in a flash! Cell information free! Real multi-stage! 

PS:When transmission through Wi-Fi, transmission speed will be influenced by the hardware and the encompassing. 

- Fantastic 

· Photos, music and video are not difficult to impart to anybody whenever, unites individuals. 

· Transfer documents among telephone and PC whenever, moving is at this point not restricted. 

- Cellular information free 

· Devices could move records whenever as long as they are on a similar LAN. 

· Without LAN? Devices could interface with area of interest that are made by one of them, generally could move records whenever. 

* Transfer documents over areas of interest if not utilizing cell information. 

* Doesn't uphold move records over areas of interest that are made by Windows Phone. 

- Multi-stage 

· SHAREit is viable with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Windows Phone. 

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