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WhatsApp Messenger for Android has been 4.5 out of 5 based on 1000+ users reviews as of 2021.

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WhatsApp Messenger for Android FAQ's

How do I install WhatsApp Messenger?
Go to Play Store, then search for WhatsApp. Tap INSTALL under WhatsApp Messenger. Open WhatsApp and continue to the next screen by agreeing to our Terms of Service. Verify your phone number.
What is the best WhatsApp Messenger for Android?
Telegram Messenger has been known as the best WhatsApp competitor for a while now and nothing's changed. The open-source messaging app is still the best WhatsApp alternative out there.
What is the latest WhatsApp version 2020?
WhatsApp Latest Version 2.21. 15.20 APK Download - AndroidAPKsBox.
Where is WhatsApp on this phone?
Look for an icon like this: To open the Play Store app, tap on the icon. Step 2: Search for the WhatsApp app At the top of the screen is a search bar. Write 'WhatsApp Messenger'
Why is WhatsApp better than texting?
Unlike most messaging apps, WhatsApp mimics SMS texting services instead of trying to build a new interface. With end-to-end encryption for each message, I now feel more secure using WhatsApp than when using other platforms to communicate. Outside the U.S., WhatsApp's appeal is massive.
What are the disadvantages of using WhatsApp?
Drawbacks or disadvantages of Whatsapp
➨There is no option to hide from particular users. ➨It is not possible to send messages into normal inbox of the mobile phone. ➨There is a risk of anyone reading the message meant for you only. This often creates problem in the happy home.
Is WhatsApp used for cheating?
Cheaters may use Whatsapp to text the person on their phone that they are being unfaithful with. Nowadays it is much easier to have secret conversations with others on social media than it ever was before.
Is there a difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp messenger?
WhatsApp Messenger is only an application and comes with all the perks of the original WhatsApp application, such as free text messaging, free audio messages, as well as video messaging both locally and internationally. This has made the WhatsApp Messenger platform more than just a communication tool.

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WhatsApp Messenger for Android Intro Video

WhatsApp from Facebook may be a FREE messaging and video calling app. It’s employed by over 2B people in additional than 180 countries. It’s simple, reliable, and personal , so you'll easily confine touch together with your friends and family. WhatsApp works across mobile and desktop even on slow connections, with no subscription fees*.

**Private messaging across the world**

Your personal messages and calls to friends and family are end-to-end encrypted. nobody outside of your chats, not even WhatsApp, can read or hear them.

**Simple and secure connections, right away**

All you would like is your telephone number , no user names or logins. you'll quickly view your contacts who are on WhatsApp and begin messaging.

**High quality voice and video calls**

Make secure video and voice calls with up to eight people for free*. Your calls work across mobile devices using your phone’s Internet service, even on slow connections.

**Group chats to stay you in contact**

Stay in-tuned together with your friends and family. End-to-end encrypted group chats allow you to share messages, photos, videos and documents across mobile and desktop.

**Stay connected in real time**

Share your location with only those in your individual or group chat, and stop sharing at any time. Or record a voice message to attach quickly.

**Share daily moments through Status**

Status allows you to share text, photos, video and GIF updates that disappear after 24 hours. you'll prefer to share status posts with all of your contacts or simply selected ones.

*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.

If you've got any feedback or questions, please attend **WhatsApp** > **Settings** > **Help** > **Contact Us**
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